Bay Window Curtain Rod

Bay Window Curtain Rod for a House Fascinating

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The bay window curtain rod of the house have always enjoyed an important aesthetic weight, and by the way, practical. Not only because they suppose a visual break in the uniform lines of the surfaces. And also allow natural light to enter the interiors. But because, regardless of their size, they are the new symbol of style within the room. Textiles have much to do with that image that we seek to give them: more classic, eclectic or modern. But always, a true reflection of our good taste. The decision, therefore, must be consistent with the image that, a priori, we have given to the room. Or on the contrary, with a good dose of ingenuity, create the counterpoint to it.

Bay Window Curtain Rod

The use of bay window curtain rod is not exactly widespread in our country. As they are elements that fit perfectly into structures of the old English architectural style. The one in the image is a fake window in bay, since the sides are mirrors that reflect the main light of the central window. A pretty ingenious and practical idea. But let’s go back to the curtains. Do you remember the previous roller blinds we talked about? Well, there is a variation that uses thicker fabrics with different patterns.

They are a good option when they have to cover small spaces. Since the thickness of the textiles, as well as their design, multiplies the visual importance they have in space. And if they occupy large dimensions can achieve the opposite effect: that of overwhelming. The simplicity in the design of the blinds tends to fit perfectly in minimalist aesthetic decorations. And in fact, next to the translucent and white curtains, they are the great alternative to dress the bay window curtain rod, but, what if we want to bet on them in a different style, and on relatively large spaces? It’s possible!

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