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Board and Batten Siding and Interior Design for It

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In some concept of house, board and batten siding is chosen. This kind of siding is chosen when the house construction is dominated by the wooden materials. The wooden material is commonly found in cottage. However, right now people also choose to have a house with wooden material, so they will also do this kinds of siding by using the board and batten. Actually, there are some guidelines for doing the siding, but some people may not have proper skill and enough time to do the siding. That is why there are exterior and interior decorators nyc and other companies providing services for construction. This need precise calculation and good planning to make sure that the board and batten are attached one another strongly and they can create strong construction.

When you have a house with board and batten siding, of course it is a nice  house to have. However, you will need some decorations to make the house more comfortable. It is not only about its exterior area, but the interior area should also get attention. Without good decoration, the nice theme of wooden material will be a waste. Of course, wallpaper is not needed in this kind of house construction. It is better to keep its wooden construction and wooden pattern. They are nice and somehow it can be made into rustic interior design. To make this house decoration nicer, some kinds of furniture is needed. Victorian or asian side table can be good choice. Of course, they should have wooden material to give similar theme to the house construction.

Then, to make it nicer and more comfortable, adding vanity side lighting in some area of the house is great choice. This can be good combination when they are nailed and attached to the wooden wall. The lighting may not be bright, but they will show the great theme offered and provided by board and batten siding. Having chandelier as the main lighting in the house, such as in the living room and dining room can give more awesome and comfortable design.

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