Kitchen Island with Sink Dishwasher

Designing Kitchen Island with Sink Dishwasher

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Have a house or a limited house but still want to have the ideal kitchen? There is a kitchen design that fits for limited space. Kitchen for example, this space also needs to be arranged as possible. There are so many things to put. That way, the homeowner must be clever-clever designing the kitchen so that it can accommodate all his needs. Among the various types of kitchen design, two of which are designs that fit in applied in limited spaces. What kind of design?

Choosing Sink Dishwasher

One of the kitchen furniture in Kitchen Island with Sink Dishwasher that has a function that is quite important is “kitchen sink” or other terminology is a kitchen sink. The existence of this furniture becomes inevitable is its function as a place to wash dirty kitchen utensils such as frying pans, pan or dish can also serve as a place to wash food before cooking. In the election, it is important to note the “dimensions and size” of the sink. Note that not to take up excess space to impress the kitchen becomes narrow and difficult to access in and out. Choose sink dishwasher with the appropriate size so that every space can be used proportionally.

Single Line Type

Single Line Type form is the simplest form commonly applied in small and medium sized houses about Kitchen Island with sink dishwasher. Here countertop, stove, and sink are in one line (single line).Minimalist kitchen design straight line shape, the kitchen attached to the wall in a straight line. All activities in the kitchen like washing and cooking are done in a straight line. This type of kitchen is suitable for use in elongated rooms with a wide width. Usually laying sink / sink is placed in the middle and the stove is located at the end.

Double Line Type

Double Line Type of Kitchen Island with sink dishwasher is often referred to as the corridor form. This model is very helpful to facilitate the separation between counter top with stove and sink.If there is no space left, this kitchen can be applied to the passing lane, between one rooms to another room, from the family room to the dining room for example. Origin size is adequate. Double line kitchen places two work areas, on two opposite walls. Usually people divide these two work areas for different purposes. The first working area functioned as a wet kitchen, where food processing activities are done. Usually in this area placed the stove and sink. While the area in the opposite is usually used as storage areas, foodstuffs and kitchenware. In this area are usually placed among others: refrigerator.

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