Error in Making I Shaped Kitchen Island

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For some families, the kitchen can be a room where to enjoy togetherness with family. Although, you are not a cooking expert whose majority of the time is spent in the kitchen. The aesthetics of a kitchen is important, but the function of the kitchen is more important. How to organize your kitchen affects your work efficiency in the kitchen. To support your comfort while spending time in this special cooking room, it helps you consider to process the kitchen layout based on the needs and extent of the I shaped Kitchen Island you have.

I shaped Kitchen Island (single line kitchen). This kitchen layout is a straight line. All kitchen activity is attached to one wall. This type is suitable for the type of room that is narrow elongated or for small kitchen. The sink is usually placed in the middle, between the stove and refrigerator. Single line kitchen is a kitchen with a set of kitchen set configurations a straight line. This model is mostly found in the kitchen that is not too big. The advantages of this kitchen is sparing place. Due to size limitations, this type of kitchen is less effective to perform complex activities. In the single line kitchen is rather difficult to make a combination of wet kitchen and dry kitchen. Single line kitchen should function for one type of kitchen only. If you still want to display both then the workflow of the kitchen needs to be considered carefully so as not mixed between the kitchen function wet and dry kitchen.

Error in Setting “Kitchen Triangle” is the most important part of the kitchen where homeowners usually put the sink, stove, and refrigerator close together and form a right triangle angle. This area is the busiest area in the I shaped Kitchen Island where you usually spend a lot of kitchen activities such as cooking, concoction, and washing. For that, this area requires careful planning with easy access and not many obstacles so you can do a comfortable kitchen activity here.

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