King Size Platform Bed as Both a Support for Sleeping and a Decorative Piece

A king size platform bed is comfortable for anyone to sleep in because of its size. A king-size bed should be able to accommodate two sleepers at once with more room to spare for someone with smaller build. As it is a platform bed, you can simply use the old mattress you have (long as the size matches that is) so you do not have to purchase a new one. But did you know that a platform king-size bed is so much more than mere place for you to get some rest? The platform transitional bed is an example for this.

A king size platform bed can be designed in a variety of styles and materials. Wooden beds give off natural look and organic feel. Metal beds offer you an industrial look and modern feel. A highly ornate king-size bed goes very well with a house designed in classic look. A simple-looking bed with perhaps a little quilting here and there is contemporary interior design at its finest. But choosing one of these two can only work if your house is finely defined as either classic- or modern-looking. A transitional bed saves you from the hassles of having to choose which matches what.

A transitional bed is positioned somewhere between looking traditional and appearing minimally modern. As a consequence of this versatility, a bed of this nature can fit in with pretty much all kinds of houses, be they classic, modern, or undefined. However, you need to be careful about adding decoration after installing a king size platform bed of transitional style. If your goal is never about swaying your house’s style into either classic or modern, don’t resort to too much decoration or reduce anything within the setting. Over-decoration will cause the room to look classic and traditional while taking out things would create a minimalistic tone, a signature of modern house.

king size platform bed
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