On Why Tongue and Groove Ceiling is much more Superior to the Others

The reason why tongue and groove ceiling becomes a much more preferred alternative to the drywall ceiling is its charm and its easy-installation. And it could be the best material to go with those battery operated ceiling fans you just ordered online. Typical ceiling uses a large sheet of drywall and installing a drywall ceiling is proven a challenge for a lot of people that it becomes necessary to give a professional a call for help. Tongue-and-groove, on the other hand, use wood boards, lined one next to the other by nailing them to the surface. Regardless what your current ceiling looks like right now (bare frame, plaster, drywall, etc.), you can always cover it up with tongue-and-groove for enhanced atmosphere.

That’s true; in addition to being the easiest ceiling material to install, tongue and groove ceiling can potentially become a room’s focal point with its shine and color. To achieve this feat, consider your goal. Woods of lighter tones such as bamboo or ash can imbue the room with a sense of width as they reflect light. Woods with darker tones give off warmth and provide an illusion of lower roof. Make sure your battery operated ceiling fans match the color of the wood boards you choose for the ceiling.

The tongue and groove ceiling is a one-man DIY project that can be taken up by anyone at any time. All you need is nails and hammer and you’re good to go. The process, however, should take longer time than a drywall as you need to nail each and every board one by one while you simply need to use a single sheet of drywall. Still, as the boards are easy to install, they are also easy to uninstall, which makes replacing those battery operated ceiling fans once they run out of juice a breeze.

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