Self Creation of Lift Top Coffee Table

In order to make the lift top coffee table, the items we need is walnut plywood, aluminum legs and thelift top mechanism. First process is making the legs out of three per four inches aluminum tubing. First make the two sideassemblies and attach them with 4 long supports. It is very recommended to use aluminum since thematerial is soft enough to cut with saw blades. Then, cut all the pieces to length using miter saw, thenchamfer the edges to allow a channel for the brazing material. Clamp up the tubing and start heating thealuminum with a propane torch. It is important to get the aluminum hot enough to melt the rod withoutmelting the tubing.

The next process for making lift top coffee table is rubbing the brazing rod along the channel until it’sfilled in and finish it off with some more heat. Then, repeat the process on all 4 sides of the tubing for astrong joint. Then, sand, primer, and paint the legs flat with any color you want, in example is black.

The top assembly of lift top coffee table is a simple base, sides, front and back, accent pieces and a top.Make the top assembly out of ¾” walnut plywood. Once you get the pieces rough cut down to amanageable size, you can then finish everything in the basement. Then, crosscutting plywood with acombination blade, and don’t forget to cover the plywood with painters tape. Then finish cutting up thefronts, back, and sides. Then clean up the edges with a flush trim saw, block plane, and some sanding.Then add some glue to the bottom of the pieces and set them in place using the blue tape. Let is sit anddry, then flip it over and add some screws for reinforcement. For the legs, drill holes and screw it inplace. For the Rockler lift mechanism, set it inside and use the same screws to secure it. Then, set thetable in place and slowly lift it up. The last, furnish it, and it will be done.

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