Which Bathroom Vanities with Tops Go Well with Your Bathroom?

The advantage of installing bathroom vanities with tops is two-folded. First, you get something to store bathroom equipment and supplies in and, second, you can set a sink on top of that exact storage unit. As a result, you are spared from having to purchase another storage unit and install a sink separately—which would take up more space than it should. And because such vanities come with various styles as well, you can fit one that matches your house’s theme and style in general. You can even set some vanity side lighting to complement the arrangement.

By definition, vanity side lighting is a lighting fixture that is installed on both sides of the mirror hanged over the vanities. There are two purposes of installing the lighting this way. First, it helps with upping the brightness when you use the mirror, which is helpful if your bathroom is not sufficiently bright or if the mirror is positioned facing the ceiling lamp. Second, it adds nuances to the setting; in this sense, the side lighting serves as a decoration item. And you should choose the one side lighting whose styles go along very well with the styles of the bathroom vanities with tops you have installed previously.

This needs to be done because there are vanity side lighting fixtures that look so modern it appears simplistic. When you choose this while your bathroom vanities with tops are traditional in look, you create a mess that is virtually unmitigated. Classic-looking vanities set is highly ornamented with their drawer handles also come in highly ornate look. This kind of vanities goes very well with a side lighting that bears yellowish glow in the shape that is equally highly ornate. If the vanities you choose are modern in both look and color, you are safe to go with a side lighting that is simple in design.

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