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Kitchen with Black Appliances and White

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Careful planning of kitchen design is very important for us who want to have a comfortable and beautiful kitchen. So what if our kitchen is small? Mini-white kitchen design can be your reference! The style of kitchens with black appliances and shades of black and white in addition to making your kitchen more spacious, can also give the impression of a luxurious and elegant. For wall coloring, you should choose a bright white color. White has been shown to give a broad impression on a small room. Your kitchen will not look as original as the color of the walls is white. Kitchen with white appliances is also considered to give a feeling of peace in the heart because it is identical with cleanliness.

White kitchen wall is indeed very beautiful, but it must be noted that the white color makes you have to work more extra in terms of maintaining cleanliness. White kitchen black countertops is the best example since it is vulnerable to dirty exposure, in spite of kitchens with black appliances. For that, one solution is to coat the wall with wallpaper. There is no need to all wall coated wallpaper, cover certain side of the wall especially close to the stove or other tools that remove the steam.


If your wall is white, keep the kitchen furniture black. Because white color that is too dominant can cause the eyes of glare and you will feel uncomfortable lingering there. If you do not want all your furniture black, you can buy furniture kitchens with black appliances with a combination of black and white. Try to stay consistent in coloring if you really want a small minimalist kitchen design nuanced in black and white.Another combination of white and black kitchen can be applied to white kitchen black island. This type of combination will make the balance in between dark and light color to the kitchen.

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