knotty pine kitchen cabinets

Knotty Pine Kitchen Cabinets

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Pine wood is a very good quality wood used for furniture both for home and office. Pine wood is widely used because of its durability and price is relatively cheap and versatile example, pine wood can be made into cabinets, dining tables, office desks, computer desks, etc.

Advantages of knotty pine

There are several advantages to buying knotty pine kitchen cabinets. The user will get advantages of knotty pine when they use it. In addition to the benefits of affordable prices, Bright Color pine provides a comfortable atmosphere, and if purchased bedroom furniture from pine, will give its own satisfaction. The fine wood pines are cheap but strong enough, and you will not be disappointed As long as the furniture is exposed to sunlight, rain or placed outside the hanger.

Take care the knotty pine

How to take care of knotty pine kitchen cabinets? Factors that greatly affect the destruction of furniture from pine wood are termites and moisture. Therefore here are some tips on take care the knotty pine wood: Polish furniture regularly in a certain period of time. This polishing will brighten the color of furniture, cleaning and eliminating scratches. Use wax / wax (use clean rubber gloves), polish on furniture, let stand for 15-20 minutes, then rub with a dry cloth. Dust can damage the beauty of your furniture, so use a soft cloth to rub the surface of the wood. You also have to give the color / paint there is your furniture, because it serves to protect the wood from sunlight so as not to shrink or expand. If you are going to move house, your pine furniture should be treated well, in the sense that it should not be shifted / pulled because it will cause wood scratched.

Pine for decoration

The knotty pine kitchen cabinets blends traditional designs with added modern touches in them. Pine is suitable to use as pine for decoration also. Finish pine cabinets duff that is calm and allows you to customize it with various room decorations. The straight frame design looms from the ground up covered with a beautiful arch at the top and bottom. The cabinet foot is made straight from front to back on each side to avoid scratching on the floor.

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