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L Shaped Kitchen Island for Dining Table

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The most common kitchen island had the square shape, but there some of it which had L shaped kitchen island. This kind of kitchen island mostly installed in wide space kitchen and used for dining table. The L shape mostly divided into serving part, which used the curvy L area and dining table part. The small L area is mostly used for arranging food as well as some beverages which is often used for display or similar to the side bar. The reason why most of this type of kitchen islands used for wide space kitchen because it needs more space and can fill the empty space in the wide kitchen. In some L shaped kitchen layout with Island, doesn’t use the L kitchen islands and use the simple one which than can make similar to U kitchen concept.

Besides for wide kitchen L shaped kitchen island, also suitable to match with luxurious kitchen design. It is because most of the kitchen islands used marble as the surface part to stand on the heat food as well as giving glamour look. In price matter, most of it had more expensive part compared to the ordinary kitchen shape. In case you want L shaped kitchen design with island, it is better to use simple kitchen islands design rather than using the L shaped ones, since it will make your kitchen looks have square boarder and it make it narrower.

There is a trick to fit L shaped kitchen island to the L shaped kitchen, by arranging two items in the same direction. L shaped kitchen layouts with islands L shape is pretty similar to the bar shape which will show the elegant and luxurious side. To make the perfect decoration to your kitchen, you can install some of lighting fixtures as part of kitchen decoration, and some bottles arrange on it to make it looks really similar like bar.

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