I shaped kitchen layouts with islands

Design I Shaped Kitchen Layout

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l shaped kitchen layout is the kitchen design which the cabinet, refrigerator, and stove are all attached in one side of kitchen. This I shaped kitchen design is suitable for the small kitchen size, since it won’t consume many spaces and still leave some spare spaces. You can just install your upper cabinet as well as base cabinet, and then the stove, sink, dishwasher, and oven in middle between those cabinets. For the refrigerator, you can install it on the corner side of the cabinet or in separate room. This type of kitchen design have been used by many houses, since it is simple and make the kitchen area wider. It is simple because you can do anything in one place, firstly by taking out some pans from the base cabinet, then cooking in the same place, then dishwashing only by moving by 1 meter to the side of the stove, and so on. Everything are simply done in single area, and you won’t hardly move or roam around kitchen space.

For the kitchen with large space,l shaped kitchen layout is barely applied, since it make the room looks very wide and even empty. This design doesn’t suit to the large kitchen space, since it won’t make your kitchen simple and clean, but rather empty. Therefore to avoid this case, some of house owner prefer to have I shaped kitchen layouts with islands. The kitchen islands is functioned to give more decorations and filling to the kitchen area. It also can be used as dining table, as well as for preparing the meals.

l shaped kitchen layout is very suitable for square room. You can maximizing one part of the kitchen length, and leave another side empty and for moving around. The main key to make the maximum function of I-shaped kitchen layout, use the same cabinet width size with the stove as well as refrigerator, because the protrude area can damage you.

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