l shaped kitchen layout is the kitchen design which the cabinet, refrigerator, and stove are all attached in one side of kitchen. This I shaped kitchen design is suitable for […]

Lighting is additional matter in decorating the houses area, including kitchen. Installing the good lighting can make people feel comfortable in roaming around kitchen area, and even grow more appetite […]

There are many variant type of kitchen cabinet which has different function, wide, and style. Those are base cabinet, wall cabinet, and tall cabinets. Base cabinet is the cabinet which […]

Kitchen islands is typically a separated part in the middle of kitchen, which mostly is used for table, cabinet, and storing item. There are also some kitchen islands with sinks […]

Many commercial kitchen had cook tops with grill among their kitchen appliances. In fact, it hardly to find featured with residential cook tops, since many housewife prefer to have the […]

People who had the spacious kitchen wide should design it by u shaped kitchen layout, since it can store many items and is easy for moving around and prepare daily […]

Purchasing new model of cabinet will cost more, even though the new model always presents in various and fabulous design. In fact, some of used kitchen also had quite unique […]

Washer and Dryer Dimensions – There are many styles of washers and dryers with the different size too. In fact, not all washer and dryer dimensions fit to the space […]