Platform Bed with Storage

Practical and Versatile Platform Bed with Storage

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Do you need more storage space? Our platform bed with storage allows you to store quilts or winter clothes in storage boxes under the bed or in storage modules at the foot of the bed. So you can have things collected but by hand. The furniture plays a very important role. Since it has to be practical and versatile, that can perform several different functions. Fortunately, every day there are more unique pieces of furniture that make living in small spaces more a joy than a suffering. In this article I show you the most innovative solutions that will help you maximize your living space.

Platform Bed with Storage

Platform Bed with Storage

This platform bed with storage systems is increasingly developed. Basically, they allow vacating the space of the bed during the time when you are not using it, gaining a useful space to be able to dispose of other furniture. The design of the legs of some models makes it unnecessary to remove the furniture when the bed is deployed. There are systems that raise the bed with an electric motor as an alternative to manual hoisting.

A witty way to gain space in a bedroom is to raise a part of the floor of the room, creating a double space. In the lower part, reserve a space for platform bed with storage and drawer units. These are store by means of a system similar to the extractable drawers, that is, under the platform, freeing space. The upper part can be use for another function. An ingenious option is this bedroom integrates into a piece of furniture. The area of ​​the bed is separated from the rest of the room with wooden slats that provide privacy. Another option to take advantage of the space is to make a piece of furniture with a storage space and drawers and place the bed there.

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