Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Fun Colored Home with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

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Would you like to carry out a creative and fun color? Below, we present the most original ideas to decorate home with Sherwin Williams sea salt. I have some crafts prepared to teach you very cool that require salt colors. So the best, in case you do not know how to dye, is to tell you. There are two methods (to my knowledge) to dye salt. First, with colored chalk; this method is the one I used as a child to do some crafts and the one I think is still used in schools. It is very easy to do, cheap and children can do it safely. It consists of spreading the salt on a newspaper and with a colored chalk, placed lying on the paper, rubbing the salt so that it is dyed.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

The salt erodes the chalk and it releases its pigment and dyes it. It is very simple. The bad thing is that we cannot make intense colors Sherwin Williams sea salt but soft, pastel-like, and that the range of color is not too extensive. Second, With food coloring; Put a little salt in an airtight bag that can be closed with a knot, rope or clip. Any freezer bag or supermarket serves us. If it is too thin, it is best to put two. Add a few drops of food coloring (paste, gel or liquid) and close the bag.

Now it’s about moving the salt inside so that the dye will color the salt. We can place it on the table and “knead” the bag or squeeze it between our fingers causing the salt to move from one side to the other. With this system the salt gets a little wet, and we should let it dry a little in the air before using it for our crafts. But the good thing is that we can get intense colors Sherwin Williams sea salt and a lot of variety of color by mixing the dyes.

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