I shaped kitchen with island

Concept of Single Line I Shaped Kitchen with Island

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The shape of the kitchen is classified based on the configuration of his kitchen set. There are a variety of commonly applied kitchens, which are straight line, double line, L, U shape, G shape and Island shape.

Concept of Single Line Kitchen

The concept of a kitchen with a single line model or I shaped kitchen with Island can help you get comfort while cooking. This kitchen set is made in accordance with the needs and availability of land, i.e. 315cm x 60cm. The material used was simple, only a 12mm multiplex laminated with brightly colored Sungkai wood.All the furniture is put into it, of course, cooking utensils are often used so that the available land can be used optimally. Leaf door kitchen set in the upper cabinet using glass ice. Pantry is directly related to the park located on the right side, so it can add natural lighting and good air circulation while on the move in the kitchen.

Single Line Kitchen

Single line kitchen is a kitchen with a set of kitchen set configurations a straight line. This model is mostly found in the kitchen that is not too big. The advantages of this kitchen is sparing place. Due to size limitations, this type of kitchen is less effective to perform complex activities. In the single line or I shaped kitchen with Island is rather difficult to make a combination of wet kitchen and dry kitchen. Single line kitchen should function for one type of kitchen only. If you still want to display both then the workflow of the kitchen needs to be considered carefully so as not mixed between the kitchen function wet and dry kitchen.

Double Line Kitchen

Double line kitchen is a form of kitchen with a set of kitchen configurations in the form of two straight lines. This kitchen model is commonly applied to separate between wet kitchen and dry kitchen so that between wet kitchen and dry kitchen not together, but facing each other. The distance between the two sides of a minimum of 80cm in order to provide ease of circulation during activity in the kitchen space. Lay-out kitchen double line in I shaped kitchen with Island is also worth noting so that cooking activities can be done comfortably and safely.

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