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Small I Shaped Kitchen Interior Design

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Designing a kitchen set requires a mature measurement, not just a beautiful model and color. A good interior designer has an ideal size based on ergonomics. Ergonomics itself is the study of the dimensions of the human body. In the design process, the size of the kitchen set should be adjusted to the human size. If it is small it can shaped with small I shaped kitchen. For standardization, the average human height used by the benchmark is 170cm-180cm. Thus, the height of the kitchen set should not be more 227.5cm. The goal is that adults do not have trouble reaching the top spot or bottom drawer of the kitchen set.

Small I Shaped Kitchen

small u shaped kitchen

The kitchen set will be divided into three: the top storage cupboard, the countertop (the flat and open kitchen ‘table’), the stove, and the sink in the center, and the drawers at the bottom. Even though it is small I shaped kitchen. Top cabinet: The bottom of this upper cabinet should not be lower than 82.5cm from the floor. That way, when the closet door is opened, adults can immediately see what’s inside. If it is too low, adult heads can stumble while doing activities such as slicing, blending, and others in countertop. Center: The surface of the countertop, stove, and sink for dishwashing should not be lower than 62.5cm from the floor. If it is too low, the adult should bend down during the move so as to make him tired quickly. With a height of 62.5cm, adults can do things like cooking, washing dishes, slicing the food in an upright and relaxed position. Bottom: As a rule of thumb, there should be at least 120cm of empty space between the cabinet and the person standing in front of it. The goal, when the drawer is open, there is still enough room for people in the kitchen to move.

Single Line form or small I shaped kitchen is the simplest form commonly applied in small and medium sized houses. Here countertop, stove, and sink are in one line (single line).

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