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Small U Shaped Kitchen Ideas for Efficiency

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Small u shaped kitchen is often installed since it give efficiency benefit to the kitchen area. The U shaped kitchen layouts will ease you in arranging the food in the kitchen, since it give potential space to move around compared to other kitchen shape, like the L shaped ones. The main arrangement for this U shaped kitchen is that the main stove is installed in the middle part, then oven, sinks and refrigerator is installed on both side part (some oven also installed beneath the stove). This position will give you many easy access, such when you are entering to the kitchen then you immediately face the stove part. When you need something from refrigerator or need to wash some kitchen tools, you can just face right and left from the position where you cook.

That explains small u shaped kitchen really give efficiency to housewife who work in the kitchen. Even the small size of U shaped kitchen design, but it still easy to install and it helpful for the housewife. However, it also had the lacking which it can’t fit for more than one people. It means that all work should be done only by one person and can’t be helped by others, otherwise the space will be very narrow and hardly to move around.

To provide solution for the previous case, you can install your small u shaped kitchen by facing to the kitchen door. It will give more space for people who work in it to move around. However, it will make the kitchen narrower and might be odd to be applied in the small sized kitchen. U shaped kitchen can still be applied to small kitchen with the long room length, by making the middle part longer than the side parts. This shape of kitchen is barely matched with U shaped kitchen island, as these two combinations will make the room looks narrower.

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