Thing to Consider for Building Loft Beds for Adults

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The problem that will be faced when changing the attic function for loft beds for adults is to make the ceiling of the house as a floor for new space. After dismantling the ceiling, create a floor with a cast or a “no” so that the attic floor will be strong to accommodate furniture and activities that are on it. We recommend using lightweight floor covering material to reduce the load, such as wood floors or vinyl. Do not forget to give anti-termite coating for durable wood.

The second thing you should consider for creating loft beds for adults is the roof construction, because the material and slope of the roof associated with your comfort when under it. Make sure the distance between your head in a standing position has sufficient distance with the height of the roof. The safe limit for the roof slope is 50% or has a size of 84 inches. The size is standard size for standing in the attic. In addition, for an ideal ceiling height of not less than 2m – 2.4m. Next check the roof construction material. Lightweight steel frame will be quite difficult because the light steel horses are tightly about 1m – 1.5m. It would be easier if using wood or concrete because the second horses of this material ranged from 3m – 4m.

The room is located in the attic for loft beds for adults, usually has a warmer air than the room below. To overcome this, you can install insulators under the tile layer, such as aluminum foil, glass wool, or polyurethane to reduce heat absorption. If you want to get cool, add the window as a natural air circulation on the attic area. That way, air circulation will also be better. If the window is not enough, can also install an artificial cooler, such as air conditioner (AC). Meanwhile, so that the attic is not too dark during the day, you can create a skylight on the roof. The size of the skylight itself is determined by the need for light in the attic. Only, so that the light from the outside is not too dazzling, place the skylights on the darkest side of the room.

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