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Variant Type of Kitchen Cabinet

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There are many variant type of kitchen cabinet which has different function, wide, and style. Those are base cabinet, wall cabinet, and tall cabinets. Base cabinet is the cabinet which is installed under the stove area or in base, and is the most country style kitchen cabinet. Base cabinet is function to store big tools like big pot, saucepans, stockpot, rondeau, and other big pans. It is easy to store and take out those kitchen materials from the base location and decrease the damage rather by placing them to the upper or wall cabinet. Wall cabinet is the cabinet installed on the stove part, and also often said as upper cabinets or wall-mounted cabinet, refer to it hung position on the wall.

This type of kitchen cabinet is also the common ones installed in many houses, especially to the small kitchen. Maximizing the use of vertical space in the kitchen is suggested for those have the small size kitchen. This style of upper cabinet often painted in similar color of kitchen concept, and mostly people use the white oak kitchen cabinets. Oak is the strong wooden material for cabinet to be hung on the wall, and for supporting many heavy items. While white color is often chosen to resemble clean appearance, as well as giving wide look to the kitchen.

The other type of kitchen cabinet is tall cabinet which mostly installed in the restaurant or big kitchen to use all spaces on the wall. Compared to the previous cabinet, this type of cabinet is filling all the vertical space on the wall, while the wall cabinet only fill some upper part of wall and not all of them. When tall cabinet has been installed, it will be hardly removed since it attached well to the wall, and sometimes it has been the permanent installation. This type of cabinet can be said as eco friendly kitchen cabinets, since it is made of aluminum or metal material.

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