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Type of Light Fixture Room Decoration

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Have you noticed the room lighting in the lobby or the hotel banquet? Sometimes not too bright, but comfortable and beautiful to enjoy. Indeed, the lighting is able to improve the room decoration becomes more beautiful and create a feel for a room. However, creating a room atmosphere through the type of light fixture is not easy. In addition to knowing the function and purpose of lighting, you also need to know the type of lights, light placement, and light colors that are suitable to wear. General Lighting or ambient lighting is the lighting for the entire room. This kind of lighting should make the occupants see everything in the room clearly-without denying the comfort of the eye. General lighting can use hanging lights, down light, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and others. Spacious, color, and room decoration will affect the required light intensity.

Type of Light Fixture

types of lightning fixture

Decorative type of light fixture or focal lighting requires lights that have an attractive shape while also giving character to the room he was lighting. Lighting of this type can be obtained through hanging lamps, chandeliers, light strips, or wall lamps-which can also be used for general lighting. Task lighting or directional lighting is made for a particular purpose. This will give more light to a certain area, more than the ambient light. Table lamps or chandeliers on the ceiling are examples of this illumination. A desk lamp in the study can provide additional lighting needed to read a book or newspaper.

types of light fixtures

Type of light fixture with accents is similar to directional lighting, but can bring different shades through interesting visual forms. Usually this particular lighting highlights certain parts of the room, such as carving paintings, plants, and other valuables. Can also be made to accentuate the texture of walls or curtains. This type of lighting requires at least three times more light at the focal point than the ambient lighting. You can use a track light, canister lamp, or wall lamp to create accented lighting.

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