Types of Light Fixture Create Room Atmosphere

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Interior lighting or arrangement of light for the interior of the room is very important. Types of light fixture will create a certain atmosphere in the room and build aesthetics in the room. With a game of light that makes use of the effects of light, we can influence the atmosphere in a room. For indoor (house, room, and other room), the main tool used in lighting arrangement is artificial light. In general, artificial lighting is divided into three types, namely general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. General Lighting, general lighting or general lighting is a lighting system that becomes the main source of illumination. Generally lighting is done by placing the point of light at the midpoint of the room or at some point that is placed symmetrically and evenly. The purpose of using general lighting is to produce a light source and a thorough light. The lamp used is TL lamp or down-light. In addition, it can also be used indirect lighting with a hidden lamp that utilizes light bias only.

Task Lighting, task lighting types of light fixture is a lighting system that is focused on an area with the aim of helping certain activities. Task lighting can also be a way to avoid eye strain while on the move. Examples of task lighting is a work space equipped with table lamps to read so that the eyes do not get tired quickly. Another example is a lamp above the counter table that allows people to read recipes when cooking. Or, hanging lamps are placed above the dining room that leads to the dining table.

Accent Lighting, accent lighting types of light fixture  is used to highlight or focus on an object in order to be more visible. Installation of accent lighting in the inner room is generally used to highlight the artwork or highlight the painting. Accent lighting usually uses spotlight because it can produce strong light bias and produce focus on the target object. Wall lamp application can also be used for on a certain wall to produce a dynamic view of space.

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