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Types of Lighting Fixture for Kitchen

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Lighting is additional matter in decorating the houses area, including kitchen. Installing the good lighting can make people feel comfortable in roaming around kitchen area, and even grow more appetite to them. There are many types of lighting fixture which you can choose for decorating your kitchen. Those are architectural, recessed, track, undercabinet, pendant, ceiling, chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. The type of architectural lighting is mostly used for decorating other rooms in the house, especially the main room. The unique design of this type of lighting can give two-in-one benefit, both for decoration and illumination, and is installed by hanging it on the wall. This type of lighting is rarely installed on the kitchen, except for the wide space kitchen.

Many of modern kitchen often installed recessed types of lighting fixture, because it can disguise well with the ceiling part. Recessed lighting also similar to the track lighting, which are installed on the ceiling part. These two types are often used for typically apartment or modern house, and rarely be founded as country kitchen light fixture, but chandelier is often used there. The function of chandelier is to give the elegant look of the plain ceiling area in the house. Kitchen, main room, and family room are often used chandelier for lighting, as it illuminates warm bulb and had stylish design.

The common types of lighting fixture installed in the house is the under cabinet lighting, which is helpful to show item under cabinet. This type is a match for wall cabinet to illuminate stove and sinks which is placed beneath it. Another lighting is like table lamps which is mostly installed for the kitchen islands and dining table to give romantic vibes to the kitchen area. Pendants also often used for illuminating kitchen islands and dining table part with its direct lighting.

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