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Designing U Shaped Kitchen Layout

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People who had the spacious kitchen wide should design it by u shaped kitchen layout, since it can store many items and is easy for moving around and prepare daily meal. There are many u shaped kitchen layouts design available on the internet, but you should maintain some of important aspect before designing it. Firstly, measure the size of your kitchen. If you had quiet small size, you still can make u shape design but make sure that the cabinet, stove and refrigerator doesn’t have wide size. Bulking cabinet and refrigerator will make you hardly to move and organize item well.

Second thing to design u shaped kitchen layout, it is also important to measure the cabinet, refrigerator and sink sizes. Fit the cabinet size to those three size and make it flat on the surface part. Sometimes people made mistake by installing big refrigerator which had bulk size and protrude over the cabinet part. This style should be avoided in u shaped kitchen design, since it can damage people who roam around kitchen. The most common design for u shaped kitchen is that the stove is placed in the middle part, so refrigerator and sink are in each side facing each other. This design will make you directly face the stove when entering kitchen area, as cooking is the main activity there, while taking ingredients from refrigerator and washing dishes are secondary activity. Therefore, refrigerator and sink should be placed in the side only.

Measurement is the main aspect in designing u shaped kitchen layout to fit all kitchen appliances, as well as making you feel comfortable to move around it. Ask the help of home builder in making perfect measurement to your kitchen space. Lastly, you can also design a kitchen layout by your own style like by including the mini bar or kitchen table at one side of the U shape.

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