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Trick for Arranging U Shaped Kitchen with Island

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It is quite tricky to arrange u shaped kitchen with island, since it will consume a lot of spaces. In case you do wrong in arranging, it can make the kitchen looks narrower and even uncomfortable to move around. The best solution for installing kitchen islands for u-shaped kitchen is by measuring the spare space outer space of the “U”. In example, if you had 3m x 2m space, then it is better to install kitchen islands in 1.5m x 1m for the maximum. It is better to install smaller length of it, since it will give you more space to roam around. In fact, if you install big size kitchen islands, the unique design of your kitchen won’t be shown well as it is covered by the islands size.

The main matter for u shaped kitchen with island is in choosing the kitchen islands. Even your kitchen had U shape, but it shouldn’t be featured with u shaped kitchen islands, since it will make the odd combination. Even you had still large space for it, but it can make the kitchen area very narrow. It is because most of islands with U shape have bulky size, and rarely had tiny width. In case you still want to install it, then you need to spare very large space in your kitchen, and place the islands vertically in the middle of U kitchen shape.

Since the islands material play most important in the design of u shaped kitchen with island, then it is recommended to search for the plain islands surface. Since there are many kind of islands like which featured with sinks and dishwasher and also stove top, that can make the kitchen area looks narrower. It is better to install ordinary kitchen islands like butcher block, since it have wide plain surface. For the last trick, before installation, it is recommended to make u shaped kitchen with island layout which based on the real size in comparison to the drawing size, then you can install the perfect islands size match to the kitchen space.

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