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The Average Washer and Dryer Dimensions

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Washer and Dryer Dimensions – There are many styles of washers and dryers with the different size too. In fact, not all washer and dryer dimensions fit to the space in some houses. In this case, it is important to measure laundry space in your home to determine the best dimensions of washers and dryers. Take a note that you should not only give space for it, but spare some for air circulation in that room, and also the door swing. Some people often mistaken in measuring the space before installing some of home appliances, which they make the item fit perfectly to the space, but doesn’t leave any spaces for roaming around, door units, and even air circulation.

Dimensions of Washers and Dryers

The average of washer and dryer dimensions are 24 inches wide for compact model, with 22 – 24 inches deep and 33 inches tall. Dimension of washer and dryer of stacked model usually 27 inches wide with 30 until 32 inches deep and 75 inches tall. There are another two models of washer and dryer which had the similar dimensions, those are top-loading and front-loading washers and dryers, which had 27 inches wide, with 27 until 28 inches deep and 34 until 44 inches high. Those sizes have included with the control units in the back part. Since the widest washer and dryer unit is 27 inches wide, then it is better to leave space in wide minimum 28 – inches to avoid friction when loading the item. In addition, you still need to spare 2 until 7 inches more for the air circulation.

Make sure that you still leave some spaces for stacking your laundry dresses, as well as to roam around. After knowing the average washer and dryer dimensions, then you can purchase the best product which will fit to the space at your home. Washer and dryer cost in between $300 until $2,000, based on its capacity, dimensions, product, and material made.

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