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Wide Bar vs. Counter Height Bar Stools: Which One to Take?

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Placing the right counter height bar stools will improve your dining room’s look by adding magic to its arrangement. However, since the stools are as tall as a counter, this means that the trick will only work in a dining room that has a counter, the opening where the kitchen and the dining room intersect. The stools may still work in a counter-less dining room but only when the table itself is as tall as the stools. Alternatively, you can always add wide bar stool sets to the dining room, which also gives you the same effect in the process.

A set of counter height bar stools is typically characterized by a single post that supports the seating platform above it. This post is normally adjustable in terms of height, giving you a wide range of comfort upon sitting. The post also allows for swiveling maneuver; you can shift your direction conveniently. A wide bar stool, on the other hand, is normally equipped with four feet and rather large in width. As it is supported by fixed feet, the stool’s height is not adjustable and it cannot swivel around.

You can choose one of the two types of stool to complement your dining room. It is advised that if your dining room is tight in space, you should go with the swiveling bar stools as they offer you an opportunity to move around rather conveniently. Both counter height bar stools and wide bar stool come with different style and theme. There are stools that are highly ornate to emphasize the classic look. Other stools come with an industrial look, adding texture to an otherwise plain and minimalistic dining room setting. Choose one that matches your dining room’s overall theme or you can resort to the transitional stools for a safer option.


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